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The success of any business depends largely on its web presence. As such, the services of a web hosting company will be essential to the growth of your business. Web hosting providers can be divided into local hosting companies and international hosting companies. While there is nothing wrong with working with an international hosting provider, there are some compelling reasons why a local web hosting company may be a better option. The benefits of hiring a local web hosting provider are almost endless. However, we are going to concentrate on the main advantages of settling on a local company.

Improved customer support

Unlike international web hosting service providers, local service providers take a more personal approach to customer support. This means that it will be easier to reach your local hosting company than it will be reaching an international company. Additionally, the international network charges that apply to international calls make customer support services from international companies Pricey. Also with a local company, there is the added benefit of being able to meet with the company’s representatives personally. This helps create a more personal and mutually beneficial relationship between you and your service provider. Such a relationship will give you an added layer of assurance.

Better speeds and performance

It is estimated that locally hosted websites load 3 times faster than internationally hosted websites. This phenomenon is attributed to the reality that the local host is closer to you clients than a national or international host. Thanks to this phenomenon your clients are spared the frustration of slow website load times. This, in turn, increases your client retention rate. Furthermore, search engines such as Google use website load times when ranking websites. Therefore, your business’ website will have a higher Google ranking which will improve its SEO rankings.

Better data backup policies

There is nothing more frustrating than having to endure the nightmarish experience of data loss. Fortunately, maintaining backups of your website will help make the website restoration process less frustrating. A good percentage of local web hosting companies offer weekly website backups. International companies, on the other hand, give their clients instructions on how to backup their website. A major problem with this is that if you are not tech savvy, understanding and following these instructions can be difficult. Thus, if you want to have a secure and reliable backup for your website a local web hosting company will be a better option.

Cheaper in the long run

Sure international web hosting packages are costlier than local packages, but when you think about the amount of money you ultimately have to part with when working with an international company, the low initial costs of international companies are not worth it. For starters, when dealing with an international company you use more money on calls and other modes of communication. Also, the time you use trying to contact an international web host can end up costing your business large amounts of money. Thus, in the long run, you save substantial amounts of money when you settle on a local web hosting company.


When shopping for web hosting services, there are a lot of factors you need to consider, with the most important being convenience. Also, how your clients interact with your business’ website can be the difference between success and failure. Therefore, the improved speed and performance of hosting your website with a local hosting company will contribute to the success of your enterprise. In conclusion, though a price is important the services and features you are getting are more important. Thus it is important that you prioritize the features you are getting from a web hosting company.