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A great dilemma in the website industry is getting a Local Hosting or an Offshore Hosting. You could all agree that the wider the better. Yet, how appropriate could be to get an Offshore Hosting? Moreover, which advantages would your company get if you decide to get an offshore provider? As in every decision you make regarding your website, you need to consider first your own business’ needs.

Choosing offshore over Local Hosting

Tons and tons of offshore hosting companies are getting live every day and they could represent a really cheap option, you need to know whether your company needs this service of it would be better for it to get a Local Hosting. All the features you need to cover are really important to know in advance.

When you are looking for a host provider, your needs are more important than the special deals they have. Although for a starting business budget is something really important, you need to be sure that all the money you will invest on the host provider will actually offset the fact of not having the provider as close as you might actually need it to be.

An offshore host is cheap because sometimes it has cheap parts, so they can make good profit of them and at the same time, help you saving some money. Yet, having cheap labor and parts also means that they could fail more often and that should not be something to look for in a provider.

You should know that support is really important when getting a hosting provider in that way, when you get an offshore company, people working for it might not speak your same native language, that could lead to unwanted misunderstandings and might represent a waste of money and time.

Speaking of which, since these people might be working from different parts of the globe, they could be using a very different time zone from yours and you might not receive quick answers to your questions. Consider that if a problem pops up in the middle of the day and your supporter is on the other side of the planet, you would not get an immediate answer.

Consider your site gets slow or goes down during an important day because you have a huge sell through your site, and your host provider is offshore and also shared, so you ran out of bandwidth, you try to contact the support and they are not there. What to do? Can your company afford the loss?

And now regarding this, you need to check your hosting’s speed. Having an offshore hosting is something that will obviously be represented in your website’s speed. If you had a Local Hosting, you will immediately know that the problems regarding speed are related to something else, but when you are in front of an offshore, the lag problems you will face are directly related to that: offshore hosting.

You will face the same case as the one with the supporting service. The whole business can be on trouble because of lag and everything related to speed problems. Customers complaining about it, stopping using your site and not to be excessive, but this is something that could end killing your website.

Regarding security, some people think using an offshore provider is safer than using a local one. Yet, this is something that is not necessarily true since having an offshore host is not a guarantee of a highly protected site. The use of an offshore over a local website hosting provider does not prevent your site from being hacked of somehow accessed by a third person.

Be responsible and knowledgeable when choosing your host provider and remember a cheap price at the beginning can end up as a huge expense.


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