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A DesktopServer is a Local Hosting that you could find interesting whether you are a WordPress developer, owner or designer. This is a single integrated tool proved to save your time when testing, managing, creating and developing a functional site server through your own computer. This tool helps you to generate projects that run locally.

The advanced designers like DesktopServer because it allows them to have an automated development. This tool can built a new website in a short time and following a short process. It will install all the necessary files, and create the database for you. In that way, it is easy for the one that is not related to the process and yet it is complete enough for the one that knows how to do it.

Local Hosting Features

DesktopServer has two editions, a limited and a premium. Both share a group of features that you could find interesting if you want to use this tool for developing a website. Among the features, that both share you could find: Apache server, MySQL server, PHP 5.5, Xdebug. Also, this tool works with cross-platform (Macintosh and Windows) in both the premium and the limited edition.

Both of them include WordPress, support Domain Name Mapping and have virtual hosts Automated creation. Besides, both editions count to a WordPress Automated installation and copying of WordPress websites, also they count to blueprints for automated WordPress configurations.

Now, regarding the features that you will only find on the premium edition there are: the support for WordPress multisite, an import BackupBuddy, Duplicator, BackWP Up, BackUp WordPress, InfiniteWP and ManageWP, also you could export and archive WordPress Websites and direct deploy WordPress to Live Server.

There are more features that will not be on the limited edition of the DesktopServer, such as an enhanced Adobe Dreamweaver Plugin and an enhanced Coda2 Preview Plugin, plus an airplane Mode Plugin, a ByPass Login Plugin, a LAN Sharing for Mobile Device Testing and a Trace Utility for PHP Debugging. Regarding the managing of local hosting, the limited edition allows you to have three websites, while the premium gives you unlimited number of websites.

How does it work?

What this app does is simply to make easier the process of creating a WordPress site and in that way you can develop and design your own website in a local hosting way before giving them a live status. This tool lets you to go from local to live in an easy way and just by clicking a bit. As it says above, DesktopServer allows you to work with multisite installations.

The support this tool gives you is amazing, once a month on average, when the updates become available, they will send you an email and provide all the download links you might need. If you have a premium subscription, then you will have the priority support through email and the different forums they have in case you find any trouble when developing your local site.

The license of this app is kind of open, you can download the app on 10 computers top, yet the support is entitled to only one user on one computer, belonging to aa single user and a single license holder. If your license expires, you could be able to keep working with the application, nevertheless you will not be entitled to their Premium Support service. This license will support your app for a year. Another interesting thing about this app is that they offer a 30-day refund policy; they do not ask questions, they simply make the refund.

This tool has been specially designed for WordPress sites, yet it is possible to use it with non-WordPress sites.



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