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The general idea of having or getting a Local Hosting is for having a technical support based locally. There are some situations for example, that your website goes down and you need an emergency support, it is nice to know that your Hosting provider is located at least in a near place from you and actually shares your own culture.

Whether you like to support local businesses rather than big multi-national companies, having your web provider closer is always going to be an advantage for you. This will provide a feeling of stability and safety, you will feel you are supported and protected by a group of people that can help you whenever you need it.

Another topic related to the use of a Local Hosting is related to the Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Experts on this field debate that if you host your website through a local provider, it will have an effect on the ranking of a search engine. It is to say, if your host server is from Canada and you have a .ca domain, it might rank better on the result pages of Google.ca. This is only a theory and no one has ever proven it.  

Some Pros and Cons of Local Hosting

Among the pros of using a host provider in a local way, we can find that the language as well as the time zone for the technical support would be the same as yours. In that way, you could avoid misunderstandings. Also, you will have a definitive contact point for the hosting enterprise and let us not forget about the potential benefits when using SEO tools.

Regarding the cons of having a local provider, you could find that a mirror-like effect could happen. For example, if anything that could affect your site happens and affects your host provider, it would immediately affect you as well. Saying that the power goes out, your site will suffer the consequences because the host provider will also suffer from them. Also, your site could not get the higher value deal and the benefits offered could get less relevant than they were once.

When you start asking yourself about getting or not a Local Hosting service, you should look for specific information in order to know if they are able to offer you the best service and in that way know if it is better for your site to go global or local. Remember that it is important to know what fits better for your site instead of prices and deals. Some would say that as a general rule ask for:

  • Reliability: ty to get an uptime with a guarantee of 99.9% and a compensation if by any chance the page goes down. Remember that any time your site is not up, it is costing you visitors and money.
  • Bandwidth: if you are expecting a lot of traffic on your site (the information getting in and out of your site) you will need a great deal of bandwidth.
  • Hardware: you need to ask if the local provider is capable of hosting your website effectively. If they are able to maintain everything including your site.
  • Storage: the space is always important, it is better to have plenty than just enough, so be sure you will get enough space for growing your site as much as you want to.
  • Security and backups: this is an important thing to consider, how often do they back up your data and the measures they take to prevent other people affecting your website.
  • Monitoring and Technical support: you need to know if the provider is able to inspect their servers regularly and also if at the moment you need them, they are capable and knowledgeable about what you need.

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